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Tengo mucha tarea, este fin de semana lo voy a tener bastante ocupado así que decidí que tenía que postear si o si. Y el Domingo probablmente suba unos outfits que tengo planeado armar mañana.
I have a lotttttt of homework to do, and this weekend is going to be hard so I really had to be here today. On Sunday I probably post some outfits, so I'll try to make them tomorrow.

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RP dijo...

hailey es HERMOSA poco .
me encanta

Paloma- dijo...

que buenas imagenes !
yo tmabien estoy llena do cosas :(

Anónimo dijo...

Quiero ese pelo! (sin las partes violetas) jaj

mel dijo...

i so agree, a ton of homework looming over - gd post dearie
awesome photo

Margaret dijo...

Oh! You know spanish!
I've been learning spanish ever since I was small, but I'm terrible at it. ^^

I think it's so cool how you're bilingual. :)

Karoline dijo...

Love it!

CL, dijo...

hailey is gorgeous! i can't believe she's only 15 years old :) the motorcycle helmet is amazing! fabulous editorial, have a lovely weekend ♥

TaraRose dijo...

my translator aint working. but i really LOVE yourrr blog. i think thaa picturess are AMAZING. come by and check out my blog bambino (that is the only spanish word i know sadly) :)

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